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November 6th (pm) & 7th (am), 2019

Prehabilitation & CPET

CPET Primer & Prehabilitation Symposium: in conjunction with POETTS (UK)

This workshop will focus on using cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) for preoperative risk stratification and prehabilitation (optimization of modifiable risk factors) of the surgical patient. It could serve as a 'primer' for anyone intending to attend a more formal CPET workshop in Melbourne or the UK.

Prehabilitation involves proactive patient management prior to surgery with exercise programs, smoking cessation, correction of anaemia and nutritional interventions to help cope with the stress of surgery, within the context of delivering on the value proposition of Perioperative Medicine.

Note: This meeting will precede the 8th Annual Preoperative Medicine

(Periop SIG) Symposium (7th - 9th November 2019)



6th & 7th November, 2019

Sofitel Brisbane Central


Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 (Afternoon)


Thursday, November 7th, 2019 (Morning)

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 (pm)


This symposium will be run in collaboration with the Perioperative Exercise Testing and Training Society (POETTS, UK – and will provide clinicians with basic knowledge and skills in the conduct and interpretation of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) and CPET-based exercise training for prehabilitation relevant to the perioperative period. It could serve as a 'primer' for the 2-day POETTS accredited course held in the UK and Melbourne. The course will also be an opportunity for experienced clinician to refresh their knowledge in CPET.

There will be lectures by international experts and case discussions.


Venue: Sofitel Brisbane - 249 Turbot St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Thursday, November 7th, 2019 (am)


Prehabilitation involves multidisciplinary interventions (exercise, haematinic, and nutritional optimisation etc.) aimed at optimising the physiological and psychological reserves of patients presenting for surgery prior to the stress of major surgery in order to achieve better post-operative outcomes.

This half-day symposium will involve international leaders and experienced researchers in the field and will provide an up to date overview of prehabilitation in relation to major surgery. You will acquire the skills and knowledge to take back to your hospital to set up a ‘prehab’ service for your own patients.

Venue: Sofitel Brisbane - 249 Turbot St, Brisbane City QLD 4000



Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th November 2019


This workshop, in affiliation with the Perioperative Exercise Testing and Training Society (POETTS, UK –, brings together UK and Australian experts in Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) with a focus on its relevance to the perioperative period especially in the context of risk stratification and guiding prehabilitation prior to major surgery.

Join us in learning the essentials of performing CPET and interpreting CPET reports. 

A dedicated Prehabilitation Symposium (Thursday, 7th October 2019) will be integrated into Day 2 of the CPET Workshop and bring together experts in the field to provide updates on the role of preoperative exercise, nutrition and correction of anaemia in preparation for surgery for deconditioned patient – an innovative approach to optimise modifiable risk factors and thereby achieve better outcomes for our patients.

The CPET Workshop and Prehabilitation Symposium will be followed on Thursday (PM) by the 8th Annual Australasian Symposium on Perioperative Medicine (



International Speakers Dr Denny Levett & John Carlisle

Professor Denny Levett



Denny is an Honorary Professor in Perioperative Medicine and Critical Care at the University of Southampton and a Consultant in Perioperative Medicine at Southampton University Hospital NHS Foundation trust.


She leads the perioperative medicine service at UHS including a pre-operative CPET service, a surgery school and prehabilitation. Denny has extensive clinical and research experience in cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET).  She is president of the newly established Perioperative Exercise Testing and Training Society (POETTS) and she established and has chaired the National Perioperative Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing course in the UK biannually since 2009.  She is part of the Fit 4 Surgery research group, investigating exercise as a method of prehabilitation before major surgery in clinical trials.  


Denny was the Association of Anaesthetists Research Fellow and her PhD thesis involved evaluating exercise capacity at up to 8000m on Mount Everest as a member of the climbing team on the Caudwell Xtreme Everest Expedition.  She was the Deputy Research Leader for this altitude field study of hypoxia adaptation and the follow up expedition Xtreme Everest 2, investigating exercise efficiency in Sherpas (

Dr Adrian Hall

Dr Adrian Hall is a Staff Specialist Anaesthetist at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. He has been interested and involved in clinical use and research in CPX for over 20 years

Dr Hilmy Ismail

Hilmy is a Consultant Anaesthetist at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne. He has a special interest in perioperative medicine, prehabilitation of patients presenting for major cancer surgery. He is the clinical lead of the cardiopulmonary exercise testing facility at the Peter Maccallum Cancer Centre. He is a Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne.

Professor Bernhard Riedel

Bernhard is an anaesthetist with a special interest in cancer anaesthesia. He currently serves as the Director for the Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne and holds an honorary academic appointment at the University of Melbourne. Bernhard has published extensively (>100 publications) and is the editor of a comprehensive textbook on Acute Care for the Cancer Patient and Guest Editor for Cancer and Anaesthesia, In: Best Practice & Research Clinical Anesthesiology. His research interests focus on improving perioperative outcomes; with emphasis on improved preoperative risk stratification (exploring the role of endothelial function and exercise stress testing) and the role of perioperative strategies (including prehabilitation with exercise) to reduce complications after surgery, including long-term outcomes after cancer surgery.

Dr Rachel Shanks

I am an anaesthetist and the clinical lead of Perioperative Services at University Hospital Geelong. I have been involved in our CPET service since 2011 and have a keen interest in risk assessment and pre-operative optimisation for patients having major cancer surgery.

Dr John Carlisle

I am an anaesthetist working in the National Health service in the United Kingdom. I work at Torbay hospital, which is in Devon. I am 52 years old (survived, hurray!) My median life expectancy is about another 39 years. 


I also work as an intensivist in our intensive care unit. The third place that I work is in the preoperative assessment clinic. My work in all three places – preoperative assessment, anaesthetics and intensive care – has led to my main areas of interest: long-term survival, including my own; perioperative probabilities of harm and benefit; cardiopulmonary exercise testing; evidence-based medicine including systematic reviews. My other area of interest is the detection of data fabrication and fraudulent research. I have published on these subjects in a number of papers in journals and chapters in books.

I am an editor for the journal Anaesthesia. I have been involved in the cases of fraud by Fujii and his co-author Saitoh. I have been involved in detecting cases of fraud in unpublished papers submitted to Anaesthesia, as well as other journals, including EJA, AICand AAS.My work led to the retraction of the PREDIMED paper in the NEJM.

Emma Strutt

Emma is an accredited practising dietitian and nutritionist, earning her degree from the University of the Sunshine Coast. Initially working within the Sunshine Coast Hospital system, she now runs a private practice, greenstuff nutrition, and works as a Research Assistant at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute. Emma holds a Certificate in Plant-Based nutrition through Cornell University and is a qualified yoga teacher. Emma passionately advocates the benefits of preventative nutrition and lifestyle medicine through her private practice work, in addition to a wellbeing education program she developed for members of her local community. Emma serves as a member of the Advisory Board for health promotion charity, Doctors For Nutrition, and is their lead dietitian for Queensland. Emma holds memberships with the Dietitians Association of Australia and the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. 

Dr Paris Dove


Paris began supervising cardiopulmonary exercise tests in 2012, while working as a Pulmonary Physiology Registrar in Respiratory Medicine. Seven years on, she currently works as an Anaesthetic Consultant at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, developing her experience in the field of Perioperative Medicine & surgical prehabilitation. A keen teacher & learner, Paris hopes to show all Perioperative Clinicians to role of CPET in their practice.

Dr Emily Traer 


Moved from the John Radcliffe, Oxford to Melbourne in 2014.

Specialist interests in perioperative medicine, oncoanaesthesia, pain, prehabilitation and CPET.

Currently working at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Easter Health in Melbourne.

Dr Lachlan Miles


Lachlan Miles is a Staff Specialist in Anaesthesia at Austin Health, an Honorary Consultant at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and an Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Integrated Critical Care at the University of Melbourne.            


Lachlan completed his early anaesthetic training at The Alfred, and his provisional fellowship at the Austin Hospital in cardiac, hepatobiliary and liver transplant anaesthesia. In March 2016, he completed an additional clinical fellowship in cardiothoracic anaesthesia and intensive care at Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Cambridge, UK. His specialist interests are in these areas, with a particular emphasis on management of critically-ill surgical patients.


Lachlan is actively involved in academia and clinical research.  He is a PhD candidate under the supervision of Professor David Story and Dr Kate Burbury at the University of Melbourne, focusing primarily on identification and management of iron deficiency and anaemia in the perioperative setting. He is chief investigator for the IDOCS and NATO studies, and the PRODOSE trial. He has been appointed Scientific Convenor for the 2021 ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting.

Dr Camille Short

Dr Camille Short is Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne, jointly appointed between the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences and Melbourne School of Health Sciences. She holds a PhD in Behavioural Medicine, and is widely recognised for her research on factors that influence exercise behaviours, and how to promote exercise participation more equitably using tailored digital health interventions. She has published 70 peer reviewed publications and is working closely with consumers and clinicians to translate her research findings into practice.  



Sofitel Brisbane Central

249 Turbot St, Brisbane City QLD 4000



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